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J.I.S.R.I. e-ASIA 2016

Aims of This Symposium
 Numerous outcomes of studies related to science and technology-based manufacturing have been presented in various conference venues. However, various things need to be clarified on how these results could penetrate into members of the society. By saying this, a new paradigm shift linking manufacturing and the society is necessary. We would like to hold an international symposium in Tagawa, Fukuoka on topics related to this new paradigm.

 Tagawa City, the biggest formerly a coal field area in Japan, had been actively supporting the region in terms of manufacturing, engineering, chemicals, education and welfare ever since the Japan modernization industry was at its struggling point. Unfortunately, with the closing of the coal mine, history tells that many people abandoned the place. For this reason, to lay down a new triggering device in this Tagawa area, a restarting point for regional Revitalization is necessary – that is an international symposium that tackles the fusion of science, engineering, social science and medical science.

  This international symposium is being organized under the host of the Society for Regional Revitalization and the co-host of Kumamoto University, Kinki University (TBA), Fukuoka Prefectural University (TBA), Maruboshi and ASCII Food Technology Research Center. Also, this symposium is receiving the help and support of e-ASIA and SAKURA SCIENCE plan that are JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) the joint research program of Kumamoto University adoption. Besides, this symposium is managed by the Kyushu Bureau of Economy,Trade and Industry , Fukuoka Pref., Tagawa City Municipal Board of Education.

 In this international symposium, researchers from 10 countries which belong to universities of 6 Asian countries, private laboratories and administrative organs are received and conduct research presentations. Research presentations and the like are presented in English (basically) orally or in poster.

  I am hoping that contributes to the construction of the network of the industry and administration and university that aims at the vitalization stemmed to the area, and that this conference becomes the place of international exchange of information.

Chief Director of Society for Regional Revitalization Munehiro Hoshino



Date:December 6-7, 2016

December 6(TUE)

Committee meeting 16:00~17:30

December 7(Wed)

International meeting 13:30~17:30

Venue:Kinki University Fukuoka Campus or Tagawa Municipal Board of Education or Kawasaki Town Board of Education

Banquet 19:00~


21-28 Shinmachi, Tagawa city Fukuoka, 827-0004 Japan

*In the morning of 7th, Observational tour of local firm will be held by Sakura Science Plan.

Please contact the receptionist below for any questions.

Secretariat in M&A Food Technology and Biology of Technical Center

2400-1 Tabara, Kawasaki-machi Tagawa-gun Fukuoka, 825-0016 Japan

TEL: +81-947-47-1700

FAX: +81-947-47-1711

Chief of secretariat: Kiyoshi Kikukawa

Chief in charge: Hideo Iwai (E-mail: post@jisri.jp)

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