Outline of Conference

Host Organizations, Supporting Organizations and Sponsors

Now in preparation

Society for Regional Revitalization E-mail:post@jisri.jp


From December 6th (TUE) through December 7th (WED) , 2016

December 6th (WED) 

16:00~17:30 Committee Meeting

December 7th (WED)

13:30~17:30   Plenary Session

19:00~            Banquet

Venue (Plan)

Plenary Session : Kinki University Fukuoka Campus or Tagawa Municipal Board of Education or Kawasaki Town Board of Education

Banquet : Undecided

*In the morning of 7th, Observational tour of local firm will be held by Sakura Science Plan.

Participation fee

Students: 4,000 (including banquet)

Regular Participants: 15,000 (including banquet)

Regular Visitors/Expectators: Free

In order to carry out the entry reception of the day smoothly, We would like to ask participants to the bank transfer of the participation fee in advance. Please transfer the participation fee to the below account.

※The lecturers and the regular visitors don’t need to pay the participation fee.

○Transfer account

  3. BRANCH NAME :  Tagawa Branch
  4. BRANCH NO. : 287
  5. ACCOUNT NAME : Chiikishinkougakkai
  6. ACCOUNT NO. : 3024601
  7. BRANCH ADDRESS : 9-18 Honmachi, Tagawa City, Fukuoka 826-0022, Japan


English is regulated as a official language of this symposium.

Abstract of Presentation

Abstract is basically written by English. The maximum length of the Abstract is within 1 page beyond a quarter page.

The deadline for submission of the Abstract is November 17th (THU). The Abstract are accepted by E-mail to the office.

Presentation Topics

  • Undisclosed new technologies and research outputs.
  • Previously disclosed articles presented in different perspective with the addition of new findings.
  • New products, improvements in production technologies, developments.
  • The investigation and the study results which had local activation and social welfare for their object.

Presentation Styles

  • Presentations are made orally or in poster, basically delivered in English.
  • Presentation styles are oral and poster.
  • Japanese can also be used if necessary and if allowed by the Secretariat.
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