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Way of Peer Review

Way of Paper Submission and Peer Review (Abstract and Proceedings)

Peer review is conducted by societies and expert of four branches of learning (chemical engineering and energy, biomass and functional material, social science, community medicine ・ preventive medicine ・ health care ). One chief examiner and one or two vice chairman will take charge of Peer review. They will conduct peer review within the appointed period and judge if the paper will be adopt, conditional adopt or rejection.

Then, judgement result is notified the contributors through the secretariat. If it will be conditional adopt, the contributors shall modify the paper within the appointed period and resubmit. The paper resubmitted will be judged if it will be adopt or conditional adopt by the examiner and then the result will be notified.

Deadline of AbstractAugust 21st (Fri) ,2015   → September 3rd (Thu), 2015

Deadline of ProceedingsAugust 28th (Fri) ,2015   → September 3rd (Thu), 2015

judgement result will be notified in around  a week.

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